Multiple Domains Web Hosting

In its most basic sense, multiple web hosting refers to a small reseller web hosting plan which enables you host different web sites with just one account. This spares you, or any other entity, the hassles of purchasing other hosting plans for another website.

Here below are ten web hosting providers who made their way to the top chart in line with multiple domain web hosting.

First, Inmotion - gains its five-star rating because of its good features that include unlimited space and traffic at only $5. 95. It also has bonus free domain name, choice of data centers, top technical support.

Second, is WebHostingHub - takes pride in its features including unlimited space and traffic at only $3.95. Free domain name, host unlimited domains, 24/7/365 support in the United States are among its bonus features.

Third, iPage - unlimited space and traffic are offered by iPage at $ 4.50 with added features that include host unlimited domains, moneyback guarantee anytime, and $400 of free extras.

Fourth, WebHostingPad – this hosting service provider probably has the lowest rate at only $1.99 for unlimited space and traffic. Bonus features include: free domain forever, host unlimited domains, and a marketing bonus of $100.

Fifth, HostGator – HostGator’s unlimited space and traffic are offered at only $3.96. It has added features like free instant setup, host unlimited domains, and refund period of 45 days.

Sixth, FatCow – Unlimited space and traffic in FatCow are offeref at $4.67. Their bonus features include free domain forever, host unlimited domains, and a marketing bonus of $75.

Seventh, JustHost – their unlimited space and traffic are all offered at only $4.45. With bonus features that include free domain forever, host unlimited domains, and $100 marketing bonus.

Eight, GreenGeeks – space and traffic are unlimited in GreenGeeks at $4.95. Free domain name, unlimited domain hosting, and free website builder are some of its added features.

Ninth, Bluehost – Bluehost offers unlimited space and traffic at $6.95 with free domain forever, unlimited domain hosting, and a marketing bonus of $75 as its bonus features.

And tenth, Hostmonster – at $5.95, Hostmonter offers its unlimited space and traffic. Free domain forever, host unlimited domains, and a marketing bonus of $75 are among its bonus features.

The Beauty of Multiple Domain Web Hosting
Shared hosting is inevitably one of the major considerations when you are engaged in running a website. Because of its arrangement composition, a shared hosting is considered as one of the most widespread and reasonably priced to establish a web presence. Using a shared hosting service, less expensive services are offered because the storage capacity of the server as well as its bandwidth and other resources are collectively used by a vast count of clients. Ergo, their operating cost is way cheaper.
However, despite its cheap rate, shared hosting has some downsides too. For one, web hosting service providers entitles their clients to only one domain with only one account. For entities that will only be making use of a single website, this may not be so much of a big deal. However, in cases where an entity, sooner or later, plans to widen its online presence, this thing becomes a very complex matter. So, more often than not, entities will opt to purchase another hosting plan, and then still another when another expansion is planned. This matter is very complicated as there are a lot of supervisions and maintenance to do. Herein, Multiple Domain Web Hosting comes to the rescue. So now the question is, what is a Multiple Domain Web Hosting and how does it works?
Multiple domains hosting basically pertains to a hosting service where a client can work best with multiple websites using only a single account. With this hosting service, an entity can most certainly save company funds and other resources because there is neither need anymore for the entity to avail of another service.

Alongside this thing, Multiple Domain Web Hosting is also best when an entity is looking for a convenient manner of managing multiple websites. With this kind of hosting service, there is no more need for a client to shift from one control panel to another because everything is packed on a single panel. By just logging to your existing account, you can now freely manage everything in the domain. By this, not only does multiple hosting offers less cost but most of all, great ease and expediency.

Moreover, let us pay a close attention to other benefits of Multiple Domain Web Hosting aside from the two aforementioned benefits, less cost and convenience. Actually, the benefits offered by multiple hosting are vast and seemingly endless. And one of its most significant benefits is that it entitles its client to an augmented visibility and expansion of web presence in multiple manners. also, an entity can make revisions and modifications to a particular website like an online magazine, directory, online store, or even those that are directed to PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns depending on the number of domains that a web hosting service provider allows.

To boost, the integration of other pages in the website such as photo galleries, blogging pages, community forums, and any other else becomes so easy to do when there are application installers, say Fantastico, at hand. And this is made possible with Multiple Domain Web Hosting. By this, going to the aesthetic side of the matter becomes a great possibility.

Also, another beneficial feature of a Multiple Domain Web Hosting lies on the fact that the domain names per se are, by and large, cheap and uncomplicated to obtain. Say for instance, firms that allow this kind of web hosting enables a client to avail of domain names from economical registry points like GoDaddy or Yahoo. This convenient way of obtaining a domain name is made possible with the help the web hosting service provider and the domain name registrar’s control panel.

And to make it more appealing, hosting accounts and managing them as you wish come so easily once the registration has been completed and the domains are already active. In most cases too, web hosting service providers allow for facets that are deemed necessary in establishing email accounting, FTP accounts, databases, and subdirectories for every single sphere.

Because of its numerous good features, Multiple Domain Web Hosting is now fast becoming a leading trend in the internet market. This thing is definitely good news. Why, you ask? Well simply because looking for a web host that offers this particular service is not really hard to find, not to mention affordable service providers are always around the corner. In fact, Multiple Domain Web Hosting prices are almost as chap as the typical share hosting options.

With all its benefits and key advantages, there is no doubt really why having a Multiple Domain Web Hosting is best for business entities. Now, all that is left for a client to do is find the right and first-rate quality web hosting service provider that can meet all its desires and needs in the best way possible. This is because having a credible web hosting service provider as a support system, there will be no worries with running and managing multiple domains and, establishing online presence and troubleshooting problems with one or even all of the sites are not at all things to fuss about.

At this point, we have tackled fairly enough about the key features and benefits of Multiple Domain Web Hosting. This time, let us tackle all the more about website hosting as this is the umbrella that incorporates everything.
Basically, there are three fundamental and major considerations that a webmaster has to put focus on. First, web domains. Second, hosting them. And third, working on their necessary contents. However, in most cases, customers are left on the blind side of this principal matter because of the vast count of firms that offers the same key offerings at different rates and charges.

Moreover, trying to determine a good web hosting service provider could be something very hassling as there are a lot of web hosting firms are available for hiring in the market. And needless to say, all of them claim to have the best products.
So how does really a client finds the best web hosting service? Not going rough and fast on the selection process may pose as the best way for anybody to end up dealing with the best web host in the market that would meet all the needs – from the pettiest to the most complex ones -- of the particular entity. This leads us to another key service of web hosting service providers – dedicated servers.
To be in the business circle entails a lot of details that has to be managed well and efficiently. However, the management of these details may be a hard thing to do when an entity is using a shared hosting. With this, having an own dedicated server may work best.

Then, hosting services. Every leading web hosting firms follows the standard requisites for quality web hosting, and more often than not providers from across the US or Europe offers come up with these requirements at lower rates. 

Finally, the web hosting service industry continues to grow everyday. Far and wide, web hosting services are fast becoming popular. Ranging from pure blahs to complex business websites, web hosts are invariably important as they are the ones who work in the grass roots of web sites. And thus, selecting the right kind of web host is very critical for every entity that runs or wishes to run a website, or in some cases, multiple websites.