Dedicated Servers - Best Web Hosting Providers (March 2024)

The archetypal web hosting that everybody is used to is good enough. But for larger scales, those typical standards of web hosting may not work very efficiently and effectively and in this case, something greater is undeniably necessary. This is because most of the times, web hosting solutions may require a sharing of the server and other significant system reserves with other entities. While it may pose crucial to many a client, having the shortage in the disk space, bandwidth, and RAM (random access memory) paired with some safety and performance concerns is definitely things that many people cannot, and will not let pass easily. Ergo, business entities that are subjected to greater needs should go for a greater hosting solution too. And by this we mean, a dedicated server. So what is a dedicated server, you ask?

A Dedicated Server is better known in the market as dedicated server hosting and it refers to one particular computer that is singly apportioned to a single client or entity. With a dedicated server, an entity can rent or lease hardware from a web hosting service provider and makes it possible for them to receive network monitoring, connection to the internet, and routing equipment. Unlike other web hosting platforms, having a dedicated server hosting will make it possible for an entity to have all disk space, bandwidth, and other necessary resources needed and wanted. As a result, activities are better performed.

Further still on, full administrative control is very possible with a dedicated server. Using particular software, it is possible for an entity to administer the server, a thing which is upheld in the data center of the web hosting service provider. More often than not, entities that have grown tired of the typical platforms of web hosting will opt for dedicated servers as the latter provides more safekeeping, suppleness, and feasibility.

In light with this, it becomes very easy for an entity to install programs of its own choice. Program that could be installed may vary from an operating system and control panel to programming languages and safekeeping applications. And since dedicated servers work for a single entity, upgrading and planning for more saleable options can just be easily fulfilled.

As of today, there are a variety of web hosting service providers that offer dedicated server hosting or servers to business – either small-scaled, medium, or big corporations. However, not all web hosting services providers are the best in the field. Among the vast count of web hosts, there are top-caliber firms that really offer the best hosting solutions, specifically dedicated server hosting services. And below are a list of the top ten web hosting firms who are deemed best in the field of hosting solutions.

The ranking made above have been brought about by the best-price-value ratio. Alongside this, credibility of host, uptime, principal features, added elements, customer assistance, user reviews, user-friendly setups, and hosting awards gained are also considered in the ranking process.

At this juncture, let us pay some time to take note on the kinds and classifications of dedicated servers in the market as it a very crucial factor to consider when you opt for one.

Generally, dedicated server hosting or servers are classified into either managed or unmanaged hosting. In managed hosting, the server is frequently being assessed and monitored by the web host. Unlike the typical web hosting solution, having a managed dedicated server allows an entity to leave all the hassles brought about by complicated details to the hands of the service provider. More often than not, entities that do not nor have little know-how and skills on server management or those that are too filled up with other loads choose this web hosting alternative.

On the other hand, unmanaged hosting showcases the mot basic form of a dedicated server. In this case, the client bears and carries all the loads and details. But because it would be utterly hard to maintain the hardware on a hands-on basis, administering the server takes the form of software updates, application of system patches and fixes, booting and shutting down of the server, installation and configuration of web services, administering database applications, implementation of adequate security mechanisms, and much more.

While some entities may see unmanaged hosting as so much of a hassle and load to carry, some other entities may see this as a chance to utilize their resources and skills in the administration and maintenance of their dedicated server. It is in this type of dedicated server hosting that the responsibility of operating and managing every little detail of the server.

However, even with their comparable differences, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers are relatively good for entities. Only, the personal perspective of an entity matters.

Because of this, entities should have to come up with proper assessments and justifiable reasons for them to avail of a dedicated server. And one thing that has to be duly considered is the price of the server. More often than not, dedicated servers are generally expensive than the typical hosting solution and we know why. Thus, entities should well analyze their need of a dedicated server hosting service so as to avoid wastage of finances.

Another thing that should be importantly considered are  the needs and requirements of an entity. By properly analyzing the necessities of the company, it would be rather easy to identify whether or not the entity needs to have a dedicated server. In the end, it is always best for an entity to have an in-depth assessment and monitoring of the needs and necessities of the company. Otherwise, availing of a dedicated server may just be a waste of company effort, time, and financial resources.

Going further, choosing between a dedicated server and managed hosting is one thing that an entity should take into due consideration. As an entity starts, opting for a dedicated server may not be entirely necessary.  But as the entity grows and more traffic is drawn to the website, automating details will be deemed necessary. And when this time does come, availing of a dedicated server may be the next best step to take.
Alongside with opting for a dedicated server, preparing for a control panel is also one thing that is very critical as having a dedicated server is a lot more complicated than the typical hosting provider. A control panel server makes it possible for an entity to manage a dedicated server easily and effectively.

Another thing that is inevitably a part of the decision-making is the hosting considerations for e-commerce. Aside from planning as to how to market the products, it is also very essential to plan ways and means in order for the entity to become known in the online world. In here, web hosting really works best. but more than just any other web hosting services, a dedicated server hosting or server may be deemed best in cases where larger markets are targeted.

Finally, despite its seemingly complicated nature and expensiveness, dedicated servers can bring great boosts to a business entity. Whatever the nature of business is, this kind of hosting service can work best in any case and occasion. And whatever problem is at hand, a dedicated server has the best solutions to offer. However, ending up with the best hosting service provider may prove to be a very hassling task because of the many influencing factors that have to be duly considered. And in here, we could give you the best insights as to how to find the best web hosting service.

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Here below are ten web hosting providers who made their way to the top chart in line with multiple domain web hosting.

First, Inmotion - gains its five-star rating because of its good features that include unlimited space and traffic at only $5. 95. It also has bonus free domain name, choice of data centers, top technical support.

Second, is WebHostingHub - takes pride in its features including unlimited space and traffic at only $3.95. Free domain name, host unlimited domains, 24/7/365 support in the United States are among its bonus features.

Third, iPage - unlimited space and traffic are offered by iPage at $ 4.50 with added features that include host unlimited domains, moneyback guarantee anytime, and $400 of free extras.

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